Walz continues to challenge Balogun


Louisville women’s basketball head coach Jeff Walz is still working on his team’s rotation as it prepares for Central Michigan Nov. 14. 

More for Balogun

Elizabeth Balogun debuted in a Louisville uniform by making her first five 3-pointers in the season opener against Western Kentucky. The transfer from Georgia Tech made three shots from behind the arc in the first quarter and finished with 15 points.

The 6-foot-1 guard went 3 of 6 from behind the line against Murray State and had 11 points, but Walz wants to use Balogun more.

“Her teammates have done a nice job of finding her early in the game, now what I have to do is get them to find her throughout the game,” Walz said. “We have to do a better job of recognizing and realizing when somebody is on to get them the basketball.”

Walz joked that he doesn’t think he has seen Balogun make five 3-pointers in a row in practice, like she did against Western Kentucky. Walz believes some players can excel during games, but wants to see more from Balogun in preparation.

“I keep challenging her, if you want to be as good as I think she can be, she has to continue to work a little bit harder in practice, so it becomes a little easier in a game,” Walz said.

Robinson is back

After sitting out due to a shoulder injury in Louisville’s season opener, sophomore Mykasa Robinson played 13 minutes against Murray State last week. She had two assists and two rebounds. Walz expects the guard to play against Central Michigan.

“Everything is good,” Walz said. “She will be out there playing tomorrow night. We really need her.”

Konno still adjusting

Norika Konno, a freshman guard from Japan, has fit well in Louisville’s locker room. Walz said she has been good with her teammates and her teammates have been good to her.

Walz isn’t surprised Konno has played well early, she scored nine points in her collegiate debut, but there has been a language barrier.

“It does come into play at times in the defensive end of the floor,” Walz said. “When you’re trying to call out a switch, call out a ball screen.”

Walz encouraged Konno to say whatever she sees, even if it’s in Japanese to her teammates.

Dixon continues working

Elizabeth Dixon, a transfer from Georgia Tech, is still adjusting to her new program. Walz wants Dixon to get comfortable with what they’re trying to do.

Dixon had 10 points and 13 rebounds against Western Kentucky while finishing with four points and seven rebounds against Murray State.

“This isn’t the first time she has played in games of this caliber against this talent,” Walz said. “She has done it in the past for a whole year.”