Cardinals continue to fight in win


Louisville football went 686 days in between conference wins, but after a 41-39 win over Boston College Oct. 5, the Cardinals can prepare for a conference opponent with a win behind them.

"I'm excited for what happened this past weekend," Louisville coach Scott Satterfield said. "A lot of great plays offensively that we put out there from a lot of different guys. It wasn't just one player that really played well."

Satterfield said the offensive line had its best performance of the season. Louisville rushed for 236 yards and didn't allow a sack.

The Cardinals' defense wasn't as sharp. Boston College had 563 yards of offense, but Satterfield thought the defense looked good at times.

"I thought we rallied to the ball well, I thought we gang tackled well," Satterfield said. "Our guys played really hard, but again, too many mental errors."