Live Blog: Louisville vs. NC State


Louisville football faces NC State in its second straight conference road game Nov. 16 in Raleigh. The Cardinals (5-4) are a win away from bowl eligibility.

Follow along for live updates and analysis. 

Mekhi Becton is a boot and will not play. The junior left tackle was injured in the first quarter against Miami last week. He undoubtedly is the best lineman on Louisville's front-five with NFL potential. 

Adonis Boone will start at left tackle in place of Becton. Boone played the final three quarters against Miami, allowing one sack. 

It's a cold and windy night in Raleigh, which might play in perfectly for Javian Hawkins to surpass 1,000 yards. The redshirt freshman running back is 22 yards away from reaching the mark. 

NC State receives the opening kickoff and will start on the 22-yard-line. 

Devin Leary picks up a first down on the ground on a third-and-3, scrambling out of the pocket, NC State cross midfield on its opening possession. 

NC State pulls out a half-back pass, Louisville is all over it, Russ Yeast just misses an interception. 

The Cardinal defense holds on third-and-8 from midfield. Louisville forces a punt after Jared Goldwire applied pressure on Leary.

10:49 first quarter, Louisville will take over on the 20-yard-line. The defense looked better on its first possession after struggling last week against Miami. NC State picked up two first downs, but the drive stalled and a punt was sent into the end zone. 

Micale Cunningham takes a shot deep to Tutu Atwell on Louisville's first offensive play. The throw falls incomplete. 

Cunnigham finds Dez Fitzpatrick on a third-and-7 for a first down. Atwell takes a toss 16 yards for a first down. Louisville crosses midfield. 

Louisville's drive stalls after it crosses midfield. A false start and a run play that went for a loss halted the drive. Mason King sends a punt to the 12-yard-line.

7:04 first quarter, NC State takes over on the 12-yard-line. Louisville picked up two first downs on its opening drive, similar to NC State, but like the Wolfpack, the drive stalled near midfield. 

Zonovan Knight picks up 15 yards on a run, then goes seven yards. 

5:16 first quarter, Knight loses a fumble forced by Russ Yeast, GG Robinson recovers, Louisville takes over on the  42-yard-line. 

Cunningham tosses to Atwell on third-and-6, an all out blitz, Atwell makes a 16-yard reception for a first down. 

2:06 first quarter, Ryan Chalifoux misses a 44-yard field goal. Louisville's drive looked promising, but Cunningham was sacked for a 7-yard loss on third down. 

End of the first quarter: Louisville and NC State tied 0-0. It's hard to be too critical of the Cardinals' defense after a poor performance last week against Miami. Louisville has allowed 95 yards of offense and forced a turnover. 

14:53 second quarter, Dorian Etheridge intercepts a shuffle pass deflected by C.J. Avery. It was a careless decision by Leary. Louisville takes over on the 47-yard-line. 

Cunningham picks up eight yards on an option-keeper on third-and-4. Louisville on the 39-yard-line. 

Cunningham throws a 43-yard touchdown to Fitzpatrick on third-and-9. Fitzpatrick was open down the sideline for a walk-in touchdown.

11:54 second quarter, Louisville leads NC State 7-0. The Cardinals capitalize on the turnover. 

Houston picks up a first down, going 15 yards on a reception to the 12-yard-line. 

NC State facing a third-and-7 from the 10-yard-line. 

Leary is stopped by Goldwire on a quarterback-keeper, NC State will settle for a field goal from the 11-yard-line. 

7:41 second quarter, Louisville leads NC State 7-3 after a 28-yard field goal by Christopher Dunn. 

Drake Thomas sacks Cunningham for a 9-yard loss, NC State is finding success pressuring Louisville. 

5:50 second quarter, Cunningham is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after being tackled on a third-and-long situation. King will punt from the end zone.

5:22 second quarter, King's punt goes only 17 yards, NC State takes over inside the 30-yard-line. 

NC State picks up a first down on a third-and-2 after an offsides penalty helps aid the third-down play. 

4:05 second quarter, Louisville leads NC State 7-3. NC State has the ball on the 15-yard-line, first-and-10 after a timeout. 

4:01 second quarter, Emeka Emezie catches a 15-yard touchdown from Leary, NC State leads Louisville 10-7. The Wolfpack takes advantage of the great field position. 

Hawkins goes 23 yards for a much needed first down, Louisville on the 47-yard line. 

2:32 second quarter, an 7-yard reception by Fitzpatrick was ruled complete, but it clearly skipped across the grass. The play is under review and will be overturned. 

The call is overturned, but Fitzpatrick catches a 13-yard pass from Cunningham to the 40-yard-line. 

Cunningham misses the shotgun snap, loses nine yards on the fumble. Louisville has the ball on the 49-yard-line. 

Cunningham throws a third-and-16 out of bounds after strong pressure by NC State. Louisville will punt with 44 seconds left in the first half. 

0:37 second quarter, NC State will take over on the 20-yard-line. The Wolfpack have two timeouts left. 

Halftime: NC State leads Louisville 10-7.

Louisville has 136 yards of offense. NC State has 175 yards of offense, but has two turnovers.

Louisville starts on the 25-yard-line to begin the third quarter. 

13:24 third quarter, Atwell catches a 74-yard touchdown from Cunningham, a huge play for Louisville. The Cardinals were struggling and the drive wasn't looking good, but Atwell caught the ball in the midfield of the field and did the rest, running the final 40 yards untouched. 

13:11 third quarter, Russ Yeast forces another fumble and Tabarius Peterson recovers on the 40-yard-line.

12:30 third quarter, Marshon Ford catches a 42-yard touchdown. Louisville leads NC State 20-10. Chalifoux missed the extra point attempt.

NC State will take over on the 37-yard-line. 

Louisville's defense forces a three-and-out, NC State will punt. 

10:50 third quarter, Louisville will take over on the 35-yard-line following a 22-yard punt return by Rodjay Burns. The Cardinals could put some distance between them and the Wolfpack with a touchdown on this drive. 

Seth Dawkins draws NC State's second pass interference penalty of this drive, Louisville's possession is continuing, Cardinals have the ball on the 26-yard-line. 

4:44 third quarter, Ean Pfeifer catches a 1-yard touchdown, Louisville leads NC State 27-10. 

Leary completes a throw to Thomas for a first down on a fourth-and-3 from the 45-yard-line. 

End of the third quarter, Louisville leads NC State 27-10. The Cardinals scored 20 unanswered points in the third quarter to take control of the game. 

14:11 fourth quarter, Ricky Person catches a 16-yard touchdown, NC State cuts into Louisville's lead with a solid drive. Louisville leads NC State 27-17. 

Cunningham takes another deep shot to Fitzpatrick, and once again, NC State is flagged for pass interference. 

Hassan Hall picks up a first down on a catch in the flat on a third-and-7, a big first down for Louisville to the 15-yard-line. 14 yard reception. 

10:06 fourth quarter, Louisville facing a third-and-goal from the 7-yard-line. 

NC State sends a blitz, Cunningham's pass in the end zone falls short. 

9:42 fourth quarter, Chalifoux throws a 7-yard touchdown to Ford on a fake kick. Louisville leads NC State 34-17. 

Robinson sacks Leary on the 47-yard-line, less than six minutes left. 

5:39 fourth quarter, NC State facing a fourth-and-10 from the 47-yard-line. 

Leary makes two nice throws, NC State on the 13-yard-line. 

4:19 fourth quarter, Dunn makes a 27-yard field goal. Louisville leads NC State 34-20. 

3:25 fourth quarter, NC State calls a timeout. Louisville facing a third-and-4. 

3:15 fourth quarter, Cunningham is stopped short, Louisville with a fourth-and-4. NC State uses its second timeout. The Cardinals will punt. 

King sends a punt to the 1-yard-line. After struggling in consecutive weeks, that was a big punt for King to bury NC State. 

NC State to the 40-yard-line, picking up several first downs, less than two minutes left. 

Goldwire flagged for a facemask penalty, 1:25 left, moves NC State to the 25-yard-line. 

1:09 fourth quarter, NC State on the 15-yard-line, a fumble being reviewed. 

1:09 fourth quarter, NC State has the ball on the 7-yard-line after a unnecessary roughness penalty. 

0:55 fourth quarter, Leary is tackled on the 4-yard-line, NC State calls its final timeout. 

Etheridge breaks up a pass in the endzone, the linebacker has been great in coverage tonight, breaking up several passes and intercepting a throw.

Chandler Jones knocks down Leary's fourth down throw in the endzone.

Louisville will win this one 34-20.