Is Louisville the new "Quarterback U"?

Are the Louisville Cardinals the new "Quarterback U"? According to SI's Monday Morning Quarterback, the program has a better claim to the title than you think.

Over the previous decade, the University of Louisville football program has experienced a modest amount of success at the quarterback position. From Teddy Bridgewater and Lamar Jackson to Micale Cunningham, no matter the signal-caller, they seem to do well in a Cardinal uniform.

Even the data backs it up. The folks over at Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback kicked off their eight-part "Position U" series on Monday, appropriately starting with the quarterback position.

Using a 10-year data set, MMQB used the following scoring system to tabulate who is the best program in the modern era at producing next-level quarterbacks:

Top 10: 4 points
Round 1 (non-top 10): 3 points
Rounds 2-3: 2 points
Rounds 4-7: 1 point
Undrafted: 0 points

80-plus: 5 points
48 to 79: 4 points
16 to 47: 3 points
5 to 15: 2 points
1 to 4: 1 point

MVP: 5 points
Offensive Rookie of the Year: 2 points

Thanks to the efforts of Lamar Jackson (2018 first round, 22 starts, MVP) and Teddy Bridgewater (2014 first round, 34 starts), Louisville places in a tie with Auburn at third on the "Quarterback U" standings, trailing only Oklahoma and Florida State.

1. Oklahoma - 28 points
2. Florida State - 20
3(tie). Auburn - 17
3(tie). Louisville - 17
5(tie). Texas A&M - 14
5(tie). USC - 14
7(tie). Baylor - 12
7(tie). N.C. State - 12
7(tie). Texas Tech - 12
10(tie). Missouri - 11
10(tie). Oklahoma State - 11
10(tie). Stanford - 11

Even when expanded to a less official 20-year data set, the Cardinals would still be in a tie with Oklahoma for fourth, trailing on USC, Cal and Michigan.

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