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Louisville players encouraged to use their platforms as student athletes

Cardinals have shared their voices with the community with actions in-person and on social media
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Players on Louisville football are encouraged to use their platform as a student-athlete to speak out when they see fit.

Louisville head coach Scott Satterfield wants his coaches and players to be themselves, so expressing their message comes with that thought.

Defensive coordinator Bryan Brown told his players to use their platform as student athletes to the best of their ability, which can help change people’s views.

“Anytime you are an athlete, no matter where you are, sports are a big deal in this country,” Brown said. “When you have that platform being an athlete, you think about Lebron James or Michael Jordan, Lamar Jackson, all those guys that have really high platforms, they’re athletes.”

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“They have a platform to voice their opinion, their opinion matters.”

Current Louisville players have spent time helping Jamon Brown, a former Cardinal and Louisville native that plays for the Atlanta Falcons, clean up downtown following protest demonstrations.

Defensive back Anthony Johnson led Louisville in a peaceful protest last Sunday. The redshirt junior wanted to do something to address the issue of racial injustice and police brutality following a team meeting.

Johnson set up a group message with players, coaches and team chaplain Chris Morgan. More than a dozen players met on the Walking Bridge in downtown Louisville May 31 in protest.

“I’m very proud that these guys have been able to use their platform to be able to help create change,” Brown said. “That’s change that we need.”