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Louisville developing ideas to promote positive change

Cardinals determined to use their platform in a positive way for local community

If discussions lead to actions, Louisville football is preparing to move its dialogue about racial inequality and social injustices into positive momentum in hopes of creating change.

As professional and college sports teams alike decided to postpone games and practices Aug. 27, Louisville decided to practice, but not before coaches held a meeting with team leaders along with team members holding a players-only meeting.

Senior linebacker C.J. Avery didn’t put a timetable on a protest, but says the team is working on unique ideas to influence the community.

“As a team we want to come together and try to spark a change in the world,” Avery said. “We have a big platform here at the University of Louisville. I think we can use our platform the right way.”

The Cardinals were led by defensive back Anthony Johnson on May 31 to the Walking Bridge in downtown Louisville for a protest that addressed the issue of racial injustice.

Louisville head coach Scott Satterfield said the team brainstormed ideas that allow for players and coaches to actively engage with the community.

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He hopes the team can start a dialogue that will help the community and build momentum for positive change.

“This is not something that all of a sudden we can make some choices or decisions right now that things tomorrow are going to be perfect,” Satterfield said. “We know that.”

The team won’t and can’t hide from the issue as protests continue in Louisville following the death of Breonna Taylor.

A protest on Aug. 25 on Central Avenue was in the shadow of Cardinal Stadium as the team practiced.

“It's not anything we're going to run from, we're going to talk about it, we're going to have conversation on it,” Satterfield said. “Our guys want to make a difference.”

Players have been encouraged to vote in the 2020 election this fall.

Avery said players want to create ideas that lead to positive change in the community.