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Attorneys for LSU Receiver Koy Moore Pushing for Body Cam Footage to be Released by BRPD

According to Sports Illustrated report, civil suit not out of the question after attorneys see footage of harassment

The investigation surrounding the Koy Moore police harassment claim took another turn on Thursday. After seeing the body cam footage, attorneys for Moore are pushing for the Baton Rouge Police department to release the footage to the public, according to The Advocate.

According to another report from Sports Illustrated's Ross Dellenger, Moore wasn't alone during the altercation. Traeshon Holden, a freshman receiver at Alabama and close personal friend of Moore, was a witness to Saturday's events. 

Attorney Ryan Thompson, who is representing Moore, told SI that "the boys did nothing wrong" and was very troubled by the police body cam footage. In terms of a civil suit, Thompson says that all options are being considered.

“Nothing is off the table,” Thompson says. “Koy was searched repeatedly, which he felt was a violation of his human and civil rights. Once Trae alerted the officers they were football players, that's when the interaction stopped.”

Since the incident last weekend, the three officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave and BRPD has launched an internal investigation. According to The Advocate's report, the reasoning for not releasing the bodycam footage just yet has to do with the incident not being deemed a "critical incident."

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Thompson did tell SI that LSU has been extremely supportive of Moore and his family since the harassment. 

"Coach [Ed Orgeron] and LSU have been very supportive of Koy,” Thompson said. “They agreed with Koy and his position. The institution and coach has his back."

Orgeron was asked about the incident during Monday's press conference with reporters and while he didn't get into details of the altercation, he did give his thoughts on the meeting he had with Moore and his family.

"Listen, to be open minded, to understand that there is some wrongdoings out there, social injustice and racism, and I'm totally against that," Orgeron said. "I'll support our players just like I support my sons. I was hurt. I was hurt to hear the things that went on. I'm not happy about it. I just want the right thing to happen. And from what he told me and stuff like that, I just felt bad, felt bad that it happened to one of our players. "