LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Says Team is Healthy as Can Be Ahead of Mississippi State Matchup

Glen West

LSU is just under 48 hours from kickoff and the Tigers are as healthy as can be ahead of their matchup with Mississippi State on Saturday. Coach Ed Orgeron met with the media on Thursday afternoon and revealed that as of now, he doesn't think any players will be out due to injury. 

"We're the best as we've been," Orgeron said. "I think we got a couple of guys with some nicks and bruises but right now nobody's out as far as we know."

Other news to report is that it sounds like defensive tackle Neil Farrell is in good enough shape to receive some snaps Saturday against the Bulldogs. When Farrell initially announced his intentions to return to the team, it wasn't known how much playing time he'd earn in the early going. 

While he's still working himself back into shape, Orgeron said he could play upwards of 20 to 30 snaps for the purple and gold if needed.

"You can expect him to get some snaps, he's come back with a rejuvenated attitude, he's practiced phenomenal," Orgeron said. "He's still getting in game shape, I don't think he can play a whole game yet."

With the anticipation of Mississippi State and its air raid offense focusing heavily on the passing attack, expect LSU to have plenty of nickel packages in its back pocket for the week one matchup. Orgeron said that the Tigers will be versatile in how they use their defensive backs, expecting Cordale Flott and Jay Ward to fill in most of the responsibilities.

"We're gonna mix those guys up, Cordale Flott, Jay Ward, Derek Stingley, those guys are all interchangeable down there," Orgeron said. "Jabril Cox can play there, we can move a safety down there, Todd Harris can do it. So I think we're very multiple and have a lot of guys that can play different positions."

As far as the pregame routine, not much is expected to change according to Orgeron. The team will stay in a hotel on Friday evening and go through all of the same gameday rituals as well.

"Tomorrow is 'Focus Friday,' we're gonna beat the drum, have walkthrough and doing all of the same stuff," Orgeron said. "We're gonna walk down the Tiger Walk and whoever's on the Tiger Walk we'll tell them to cheer loud. I think these men are awfully excited to play somebody else.

"I felt a lot of energy within the coaching staff this week, a different pep in the step of the team. They're ready to play, these guys have been practicing too much and they're gonna be excited."

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