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LSU Hoping to Rekindle Running Game With Fresh Legs Back in the Fold

Goodwin, Bradford return could spark running attack with speed on the outside against Crimson Tide

It's no small secret that LSU's offense has been too one dimensional this season. Ed Orgeron has pointed it out a number of times and the players have agreed there needs to be more of a balance with the run game. 

But until this week, LSU hadn't really been at full strength with its running back group and that's all set to change. On Wednesday, Orgeron said the team is expecting to have Armoni Goodwin and Kevontre Bradford back in the fold against No. 2 Alabama.

"We're gonna have to run the football, we have to be 50/50, we can't be one dimensional and obviously it's always tough sledding against Alabama," Orgeron said. "They're so good up front, well coached so we have a challenge but we have to run the football."

Goodwin and Bradford bring an element to the backfield the Tigers haven't had all that much this season, speed to the outside. Both are extremely quick and can be utilized on outside runs and even in the passing game with strong hands. 

Bradford earned his opportunity at the tail end of last season and was able to show a dual threat ability against Ole Miss in 2020. He's been back with the program since the early weeks of the regular season after an offseason transfer to and from Oklahoma. As for Goodwin, the freshman has been battling an injury and been unavailable for most of SEC play

"They're good zone runners, they've got patience," Orgeron said. "Armoni is really quick, elusive and make you miss in the hole. Tre Bradford's got some good breakaway speed, he's a track guy but has good size. The outside runs with those guys is very favorable but Ty's our running back and we need him to have a type of game he had against Florida."

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LSU quarterback Max Johnson was excited to get both guys back in the fold, particularly Bradford, who he played with against the Rebels last season and saw first hand how explosive he can be.

"He had some good runs, some good catches and I think he brings a lot to the table. I think he's a good pass protector and he's doing a good job," Johnson said. 

How big a role Bradford and Goodwin have remain to be seen as they've just recently returned to practice. Orgeron seems to think that there are a few plays that each could run but expect the majority of the ball carrying duties to be handled by Tyrion Davis-Price.

"Yesterday was the first day back with them but we ran some specific plays for both of those guys, they look very good," Orgeron said. "They've got some springs, some fresh legs, there are some things that they do well specifically so it's gonna help us."

The two speedsters won't be the only ones back out of that running back room. Coach Kevin Faulk is back with the team after a family tragedy and is set to make the trip to Tuscaloosa with the program this weekend.

"It's great to have him, Kevin's an outstanding coach, an outstanding man and it's good to have him back with us," Orgeron said.