What LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Has Learned From Other Programs in Return of College Football

Glen West

LSU coach Ed Orgeron hasn't had time to watch a ton of college football since its return a few weeks back. Of the little he has watched, he's noticed a common trend in the return to the field.

Orgeron has talked about how the team has spent the last three weeks adjusting to life in Tiger Stadium with little to no fans in its preseason scrimmages. He's noticed that some teams have come out unprepared for that crowd adjustment in the early goings of the season, something that in normal seasons wouldn't happen this late into the season.

"You can see the level of play is not normally what it would be this time of the year," Orgeron said during the SEC Teleconference on Wednesday. "I thought the competition was fierce, I worry about the emotions of the football team with not a lot of people in the stadium. When we have to play away, we need to use it to our advantage but we have to create our own energy."

In addition to preparing for crowds, Orgeron also noticed some early season mistakes on the field that have taken some programs time to adjust to. Orgeron alluded to three major points of emphasis the Tigers will be focusing on in game one based off of what he's seen from other programs and their struggles: ball security, tackling and substitutions.

He was also asked if the SEC starting a little later than other conferences would benefit the conference and he pointed to injuries as the one component he's noticed that has benefited the team. 

"Those concerns are still there whether there's a crowd there or not," Orgeron said. "I think the outstretch of the season in the SEC has prevented a lot of injuries here. We have less injuries right now, less concussions, we're healthier than we've been coming out of camp."

LSU currently has a "very small" amount of players who are being quarantined due to COVID-19 and Orgeron said there are no injury or COVID updates to report since Monday's press conference.

Orgeron also went into a little detail about the offensive line and the depth that is currently behind the starting unit. After the initial starting lineup of Dare Rosenthal, Ed Ingram, Liam Shanahan, Chasen Hines and Austin Deculus, there are question marks about who would enter the lineup if an injury cropped up.

Charles Turner and Cam Wire are the two first offensive linemen who would come off the bench for substitution or injury circumstances according to Orgeron. 

"Charles Turner has done a very good job for us, we've got some young guys that aren't ready yet but Cam Wire can play either tackle," Orgeron said. "Those would be the two guys that go in and James [Cregg] will rotate them around."

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