Did Coach Enos Cross the Line?


Miami quarterback Jarren Williams went 19-29 for 214 yards and a touchdown against a top ten team. He made some great throws under constant pressure from an elite defense and did not turn the ball over.

Most Canes fans are excited about our future with Williams at the helm. But it wasn’t enough. Just ask coach Enos. 

Dan Enos was the quarterbacks coach at the University of Alabama. He has mentored and developed guys like Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, who some consider to be the best quarterback in the country (Sunshine May have something to say about that). So when the question was asked about how he felt about Jarren Williams’ play, his answer was not surprising: “He did not play well enough for us to win the football.”

Well, what the hell did you expect? 

We live in an age where society is soft and everyone wants to be coddled and treated gently. If not, “oh my goodness, the sky is falling!”

Athletes are no exception. They are probably even worse. So when a coach comes out and shows his players tough love, everyone freaks out. Miami fans freak out. Yesterday it was, “we need a tough no-nonsense coach to instill discipline and get rid of the disease.” Then today it’s, “damn coach, why are you throwing your quarterback under the bus?” Flip a coin people. 

While initially I can understand the knee-jerk reaction, I completely agree with coach Enos. Enos said Williams had Jeff Thomas open on multiple plays, 3 out of the first 10 plays to be exact and didn’t hit him. He also explained that out of the 10 sacks given up, that JW was responsible for 5 of them. 

These techniques however, are nothing new to football. This is a game of toughness and violence, and if you, as a player, cannot handle a bit of tough love and criticism, then you are not fit for this game. 

The great thing about all of it is that, Jarren Williams “wore it on the chest” and embraced the criticism. He said this about coach Enos: “He’s a perfectionist,” and “If you’re anything short of that he’s going to let you know.” 

Williams went on to say that “I love that because I feel like it’s going to make me great in the long run,”. 

For those of you who are complaining about what was said by coach Enos, you’re still part of the disease! Get over it! 

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I love Diaz's energy and charisma and I love Enos hard lined approach...especially with his QB. Williams, you are the field general and I'm holding you to this high standard, now go hold your offense to the same standard. Diaz and Enos will get us back to where we all want to be.