Canes Rated No. 51 in the Nation (for now)

Chris Perkins

CORAL GABLES – Miami is ranked 51st in the most recent version of ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) with a projected record of 4.7 victories and 6.3 losses, or 5-6.

The Hurricanes, who are coming off a 6-7 showing in coach Manny Diaz’s first season, are more optimistic than the projection.

Here’s part ESPN’s explanation of the FPI: FPI is a predictive rating system designed to measure team strength and project performance going forward. The ultimate goal of FPI is not to rank teams 1 through 128; rather, it is to correctly predict games and season outcomes. If Vegas ever published the power rankings it uses to set its lines, they would likely look quite a lot like FPI.

The preseason FPI puts emphasis on the previous four seasons with the recently-concluded season getting the most emphasis. It also factors in things such as returning starters on offense, defense and special teams, recruiting and coaching tenure.

Clemson (10-1 projected record) is ranked No. 1 in the FPI. As for other UM opponents, Virginia Tech (8-4) is No. 18, Louisville (8-3) is No. 20, Florida State (7-4) is No. 26, and North Carolina (7-4) is No. 29.

As for the rest of the schedule Georgia Tech (4-7) is No. 50, Pittsburgh (4-7) is No. 56, UAB (8-3) is No. 63, Wake Forest (3-7) is No. 65, Virginia (4-7) is No. 71, and North Carolina State (4-7) is No. 77.

Records were rounded up or down from the ESPN projection so each team won’t have the same amount of games for their projected record.