Breaking Down The Absence Of Zavier Simpson

Brandon Brown

Michigan head basketball coach Juwan Howard has announced that Michigan will head into Lincoln to take on Nebraska without senior point guard Zavier Simpson. Details were withheld but Simpson has been suspended because he violated team policies. We don't know exactly what that means, but we now know that Simpson won't be available tomorrow night. Here's what that means...

Simpson, Michigan's unquestioned leader based on what we see and what Howard has said, is averaging 12.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game, which is the most in the entire country. Recently, Simpson had been shooting and scoring more, but that's not necessarily his strength. It is however, David DeJulius' strength. DeJulius is only averaging 7.7 points per game but he's doing that in just over 21 minutes per game. He's also only turned it over 15 times in 19 games. 

In no way am I saying that this team will be better without Simpson, but I'm very curious to see how Michigan looks with DeJulius playing 30-plus minutes and running the team. Coming out of high school, DeJulius was a stone cold killer who wouldn't think twice about dropping 35 on someone's head. As a senior, DeJulius averaged 26.3 points, 8.1 assist and 7.7 rebounds per game and highlighted his final campaign with a school record 49 points against Chicago Orr. He also played with extreme confidence and could pull up from anywhere. We've seen some flashes of that this year, but we might see a lot more tomorrow night because it's his job for at least a day, and he knows it.

How much will Michigan miss Simpson? Can DeJulius step in and lead Michigan to a victory? Comment below!!!