Michigan recently received commitments from Purdue transfer Nojel Eastern and Wake Forest transfer Chaundee Brown. Neither is eligible to play right away as of right now, but Juwan Howard is still excited about adding them to the roster according to his words with Rick Pizzo from the Big Ten Network.

nojel eastern

Nojel Eastern announced that he's transferring to Michigan but will likely have to sit out a year.

Juwan Howard on Nojel Eastern as a player...

Having to game plan for a guy like Nojel, I was always scratching my head. He's a matchup problem for any opponent with his strength, athleticism, skill set and his IQ on the floor. He's another guy who plays the game the right way. 

He has a lot to prove as a player, like they all do, but he wants to get better. He's really big on like, "Hey coach, I want to improve. There are a lot of areas of my game I feel I could work on. I want to put in the work."

I love guys that are honest with themselves, guys that are workers and guys that are competitors. With that type of DNA, I think that's special.

Juwan Howard on Nojel Eastern being from Chicago...

Kids coming from the inner city of Chicago playing, it's tough competition. This game of basketball, in the Chicago area, which I can speak for because of my own personal experience of playing in that area, that's what competitors are. That's what Nojel Eastern is all about. He's a competitor.

chaundee brown

It seems likely that Chaundee Brown will be eligible to play next season.

Juwan Howard on getting to know Chaundee Brown...

I've had a chance to get to know Chaundee and his family, a lot on Zoom calls. He's a great kid. He understands what he wants in life. He's a great student in the classroom, which we appreciate. His character — he's a great kid. He comes from a great family. His mom and dad raised him right.

Juwan Howard on Chaundee Brown as a player...

He's a tough-nosed competitor. He played in the ACC as a three-year starter. He played for a great coach in Danny Manning. I know Danny a little bit; we were teammates in Dallas. Chaundee has the habits of what it takes to be a winner. He provides something that's special. He's a competitor and he's a guy that really wants to win. He'll do whatever it takes to win. He's also a total team guy. That's something that speaks a lot about his character. That's something I really admired about Chaundee.