Report: Adrian Nunez To Return To Michigan, Update On U-M's Scholarship Situation

Brandon Brown

Michigan guard Adrien Nunez will be back at Michigan next year for his junior season per Brendan Quinn of The Athletic. Nunez had been a candidate for the transfer portal based on his playing time and the incoming talent, but Quinn reported earlier today that Nunez's mother confirmed that the 6-6 guard would instead be back.

Nunez actually started the first four games of the season while freshman Franz Wagner recovered from a broken wrist but then essentially spent the rest of the season on the bench. Nunez played just 7.5 minutes per game and was completely held out of nine contests.

While on the court Nunez averaged just two points per game and shot only 25.6% from three-point range, which is far too low for someone who is supposed to be a spot up shooter. Nunez also struggled on defense at times and committed fouls too often.

If Nunez is indeed returning, it makes you wonder how the roster is going to look next year. With Austin Davis also returning, a five-man class that might end up being six if five-star Joshua Christopher picks Michigan coming in and likely no early departures for the NBA, Juwan Howard is on the hook for 16 scholarships, which is three over the limit.

That could mean several things...

Maybe five-star forward Isaiah Todd does end up playing overseas. Maybe the coaching staff doesn't feel as good about Josh Christopher as everyone on the outside seems to. Perhaps Jace Howard is going to be a walk-on given the scholarship situation and Juwan Howard's financial status. Or probably the most realistic scenario — others are on transfer watch.

What do you make of the Nunez news? Do you think it's final? Comment below!!!

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Over It
Over It

This is a bummer... Not trying to knock the kid, but I don't think he's ever going to be a meaningful contributor. I thought maybe with a good tournament run, Livers and/or Wagner could go early, but that seems unlikely with the season being cut short. I like Bajema's potential a lot more than Nunez and hopefully Castleton transfers. Again, not trying to knock Castleton, but he hasn't shown a ton and we have way too many talented bigs with Dickinson and Todd coming on board.


Any chance Wagner gets a good assessment from scouts and enters the draft? Seems unlikely right? I'd think the same for Livers too.

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Over It
Over It

I thought they'd have a chance if they made a really strong showing in the tournament. Now that the season was cut short, I doubt scouts have seen enough to justify using a first round pick on either of them. They both have a legit chance of playing themselves into the first round if they stick around another year.


Hate saying this but Nunez will not help Michigan and the writing should be on the wall for him. With all that is hopefully coming in, how does he see himself getting on the floor. NO CHANCE