Video: David DeJulius Pulls No Punches Explaining Loss To Wisconsin

Brandon Brown

After Michigan's 81-74 loss at the hands of Wisconsin inside Crisler Center, sophomore guard David DeJulius did not sugarcoat why the Wolverines came up short. 

The young guard used the word "soft" to explain why the Wolverines fell behind early and didn't ease up when explaining why U-M could never quite get over the hump despite several runs and getting within two points in the second half. 

Brown's Breakdown

DeJulius has become one of my favorites to talk to during press conferences. He's a very smart basketball player and really seems to recognize things beyond his years when asked to answer questions.

I was pretty surprised that DeJulius didn't start tonight in place of Eli Brooks who was out with a broken nose. Instead, Juwan Howard elected to start Brandon Johns Jr. 

Howard said that he didn't want to risk getting two primary ball handlers in foul trouble if DeJulius and Simpson were on the floor together. I understand the approach, but I think that's a risk he should've taken. If you insert DeJulius into the lineup, everything else stays the same. Johns can them come off the bench, which he's perfect at, and the offense can run just like it does with Brooks in the lineup. 

Instead, Michigan looked disheveled early and Wisconsin got out to a big lead that the Wolverines could never overcome.

What did you think about Howard's decision to start Johns? What would you have done? Comment below!!!

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Steve Deace


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