'20 Michigan Commit Andre Seldon Jr (CB) Highlights + Evaluation


The slightly undersized corner can mirror any receiver he wants, and he can do it backpedaling.

Seldon, (Belleville, MI (Belleville) committed to Michigan before his junior season, and as all highly touted recruits know, doing so puts a target on your back. Everybody wants to knock the “Michigan commit” out cold, and throw it on their highlight tape.

But if you watched the film, you’d know he did a fine job of proving to his opponents that he ain’t here to be messed with. In fact, quite the opposite.

Seldon is a superb tackler in an era that sees corners diving all over the place just to barely make a shoestring tackle.

Byron Murphy has the CB community going for knockouts every time there’s a pass in the flat. But Seldon knows his size, (5’9 160) and knows he isn’t bringing that much with him. This forces him to use sound tackling technique (drive through and wrap up) when tackling everybody and anybody.

Oh, and he doesn't miss.

An area that he also excels in is ball skills and his ability to concentrate on his opponents arms during the pass break up window. His ability to distinguish when to play the ball and play the receiver is refined.

Seldon is a great example of what can go right when you buy in to the learning that takes place in all those (thousands it seems now) 7-on tournaments.

Image via Twitter @AndreSeldonjr