Michigan Commit A.J. Henning ('20 WR/RB) Highlights and Evaluation


A.J. Henning is one of the highest ranked recruits on a stacked Michigan 2020 recruiting class. He shined at running back and wide receiver for Lincoln-Way East High; I think a more proper position name for him would be offensive threat. Despite being constantly game-planned against, A.J. managed to be productive for his team in the most opportune moments.

Henning lead the Lincoln-Way East Griffions win the Class 8A state title (Illinois) during his breakout performance that saw him earn 154 yards on the ground along with two touchdowns in their championship game.

Measurables (The Opening Regional 4/14/19)

  • Forty - 4.46
  • Shuttle - 4.08
  • Vert - 37.30 (dude... what?)
  • Weight - 182.00
  • Height - 5-9.5

A.J. has extraordinarily good balance to compliment his 10.73 100-meter speed. His cuts look more like strides than hops, which helps keep his feet on the ground, driving him forward instead of hopping upward. He projects well as a reliable slot receiver, a position that Michigan isn't typically known for being consistently strong at. Whether or not its because of their offense, or because of the lack of guys, who knows.

But even within Harbaugh's system, Henning has fly motion speed, and demonstrated good discipline in his reads on outside runs. Check out his insane explosiveness off the line in this video:

He looks unguard-able by 99% of the corners in high school today. I can't wait to see what his spin move looks like in a few years playing in front of 110,000 screaming fans in the big house.

A.J. be practicing next year with fellow Michigan commit Andre Seldon Jr. Check out his highlights and evaluation here.

​Image Via Twitter @@AJHenning3