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Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson Enters The Heisman Discussion In November

With just two weeks left in the regular season, Aidan Hutchinson is standing on the doorstep of fulfilling his legacy at the University of Michigan.

It certainly looks like Aidan Hutchinson made the right call when he decided to stay put in Ann Arbor for one more season. Not only is the elite edge-rusher racking up the individual accolades, his team is also likely headed for a No. 5 ranking when the latest College Football Playoff rankings are revealed on Tuesday.

While everything is certainly trending in the right direction, Hutchinson knows that the job is far from over. When you're a football player at the University of Michigan, "legacy" is something you're probably find yourself discussing often. With such a rich history of success and tradition, there's a certain expectation - and pressure - that comes with wearing the winged helmet.

Perhaps no other player understands that expectation and pressure better than Aidan Hutchinson, a senior who knows firsthand what success at the University of Michigan looks like. Aidan's father, Chris, is a former Michigan captain and defensive tackle/outside linebacker who posted a 4-0-1 record against Ohio State and won five Big Ten championships from 1989-92.

Though Aidan has certainly proven himself to be every bit the football player his father was (and then some), he's yet to experience a win against Ohio State or even a shot at the Big Ten championship - something he says has left him with a feeling of unfulfillment.

Speaking with Jon Jansen on the In The Trenches podcast back in August, Hutchinson discussed just how important this final year at Michigan is for him on a personal level.

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"I want to win a Big Ten championship. That's something that I haven't achieved here at Michigan. I feel like it's incomplete," he said. "Obviously, you can make all the plays you want. You can make all the sacks, TFLs, but you don't have a ring? There's a feeling of unfulfillment there, in my mind at least, so that's one thing, and I want to beat Ohio State. Hands down, those are the two things that I care about the most, and I think if I play well this season, and we beat Ohio State, and we win the Big Ten championship, that will fulfill my legacy."

There's no question that Hutchinson is doing everything within his power to fulfill that legacy. With only two weeks left in the regular season, he's currently just two sacks away from tying the Michigan single-season sack record (12). The speed, athleticism and power are just some of the reasons that Hutchinson has shot up the mock draft boards and entered the Heisman discussion in November.

Mock drafts and Heisman discussions are cool, but Hutchinson clearly understands what's most important at the University of Michigan.

"I'm 0-2 against Ohio State," said Hutchinson at Big Ten Media Days over the summer. "And we didn't play them last year, so it's going to be two years when we play them in November. We prepare for Ohio State every single day. In the weight room, in the walk-through's - every day we've got one thing on our mind and that's Ohio State, and what are we going to do to beat them." 

"I'm just...I'm willing to die for this," said Hutchinson. "I swear. I want it more than anyone, I promise you that."