The Five Most Ticked Off Wolverines


There are a lot of questions that need to be answered that would affect this question and the answers, but there's no doubt that players are upset. Questions like what's going to happen eligibility wise, will the season be played in the spring, can players transfer and play immediately without penalty, etc. 

Still, certain players are definitely feeling the cancellation more than others and I think U-M has several who are, and should be, very upset.

1. Dylan McCaffrey/Joe Milton

McCaffrey Milton

McCaffrey and Milton were set to square off in a legitimate position battle with the chance to be Michigan's starting quarterback. We all know that a great QB can take a team to another level and many believe that both players are talented enough to do just that. Being the starter for a major program like Michigan is an honor, a massive career boost and, quite frankly, fun as hell for a college kid. McCaffrey and Milton might still battle it out when things return to normal, but they have to be completely shattered with the initial starting point of the season less than a month away.

2. Nico Collins

nico collins

The eligibility situation is the biggest question mark for a player like Collins, who was ready to embark on his senior campaign with hopes of being one of the best receivers in the Big Ten and maybe the country. There are a lot of ifs here, but if there is no spring season and if he can preserve his senior status and come back again next fall, then he'll have a decision to make. But as he climbs up draft boards, there's a chance we've seen the last of him in the maize and blue, which means we all missed out on seeing him in the No. 1 jersey. 

3. Chris Evans

chris evans

Evans has three productive seasons under his belt as a Wolverine but missed what would've been his true senior year due to some academic issues. Now, fully reinstated, he was poised to come back to a Josh Gattis-offense he fits perfectly into. Again, if he can remain a fifth-year senior for the fall of 2021, he'll definitely return and try to showcase how good he can be in a spread offense. If not, then his final season as a Wolverine was spent on the sidelines after making a bad decision.

4. Jalen Mayfield

jalen mayfield

Even though he technically has three years of eligibility left, there's a good chance that the 2020 season was going to be Mayfield's last in Ann Arbor. After stepping into the starting lineup last year, Mayfield more than held his own and found his way onto mock draft boards, in some cases in the first round. With so many question marks about eligibility, transfers and if there will be a spring season or not, Mayfield has some some tough realities to face. Was he good enough last year to actually be drafted in the first round? Were scouts banking on seeing him again in 2020? Will he be able to put his skills on display at another school if that route is eventually allowed? There's a lot for him to figure out. It would've been much easier to just sport the winged helmet this fall and do it all the traditional way.

5. Aidan Hutchinson

aidan hutchinson

Hutchinson finds himself in a similar spot when it comes to making a decision, he's just a little further along in his eligibility. He and Mayfield were both members of Michigan's 2018 class, but as someone who played a lot as a true freshman, "Salt" is entering his true junior year and was poised to break out, lead and potentially be named a captain. By all accounts he's done everything right from working out vigorously, leading by example, eating right and pushing himself to have a phenomenal third year. He's obviously Michigan through and through, so transferring is probably off the table, but will he sport the winged helmet in a game again? Is he good enough to start prepping for the NFL? Can he come back whenever football resumes with two years of eligibility left? He has to think about all of those questions, and will certainly get great advice from his father, but none of them have easy answers.

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