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Amidst Several Compliments, Jim Harbaugh Breaks Down Blake Corum's Elite Ability

Blake Corum is leading the entire country in rushing touchdowns and Jim Harbaugh seems to know exactly why.

"I think they crawl out of the crib with it."

That's how Jim Harbaugh explained junior running back Blake Corum's uncanny ability to make subtle moves at the last possible moment in order to avoid defenders. Those abilities were obviously on full display against Maryland as Corum exploded for 243 yards and two touchdowns on 30 carries. 

The 5-8, 210-pounder has been rock solid in Donovan Edwards' absence, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. Corum has been that way since he set foot on campus at U-M. The Virginia native has piled up more than 1,500 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns while wearing a winged helmet and he recently set the all-time program mark for yards per carry at 6.4. To say he's been getting it done is an understatement.

This weekend he has to do it against Iowa, in their house, which will not be easy. But if Harbaugh knows his running back, and it's clear that he does, Corum will be up for the challenge.

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"Blake can get so close to a defender, within inches, and then make a slight move where somebody that close doesn't even touch him," Harbaugh explained. "Some backs will make the cut two yards away, or a yard away...Blake Corum gets to the point where he can smell their breath and then make a slight, six-inch cut and miss by the narrowest of margins.

"It's incredible."