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McNamara Gets Emotional, Captures Moment Perfectly

Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara has served as the steady hand for the Wolverines all season long, and its paying off in a very big way.

As the dust settled in Happy Valley following Michigan's incredible 21-17 comeback victory over Penn State, the gravity of the moment hit junior quarterback Cade McNamara.

Speaking with ESPN's Molly McGrath, McNamara was overcome with emotion as he reflected on what had just happened - and what it meant to the football program.

"He's been here for so long," said McNamara as he fought back tears talking about teammate Andrew Vastardis. "I mean...his body has gone under some serious pain over the last five years. This one means a lot. It means a lot for the guys who have been here. We were so close two years ago - we didn't pull it through, but we pulled this one through."

When asked whether or not Michigan was a playoff team, McNamara didn't hesitate. 

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"Yes, without a doubt," said McNamara.

McGrath then asked McNamara why he was so emotional. His response captured the moment perfectly.

"I don't know," said McNamara fighting back tears. "When I came to Michigan, especially with the class that I came in with, we wanted to be the change. We wanted to make a difference. This is a game changer...this is testament to that. The amount of guys that came in. I mean, I've said it before multiple times before - this team is different." 

"I couldn't love those guys anymore," he added with a big smile as he headed off to the locker room.