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CFP Chair: Michigan Is Better, Deserves To Be Ranked Over MSU

In spite of losing the head-to-head matchup two weeks ago in East Lansing, the CFP Committee made the right decision when it comes to Michigan and Michigan State.

Michigan football fans are likely waking up with an extra pep in their step this morning, thanks to the latest CFP rankings that were released last night. In spite of a brutal loss in East Lansing two weeks ago, the Wolverines find themselves sitting at No. 6 in the playoff rankings - one spot ahead of No. 7 Michigan State.

While Spartan faithful are almost certainly melting down over the latest rankings, it's clear that the CFP committee saw what every resident outside of East Lansing could see on Oct. 30 - Michigan is the better team.

"At the end of the day, we thought Michigan was a better team and deserved to be ranked ahead of Michigan State," said CFP chair Gary Barta. In fact, Barta says that there wasn't even much of a debate when it came to how they viewed the two programs. 

"The pairing alone took up maybe half hour."

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Barta also elaborated on the question that many Spartan fans are likely asking themselves this morning: What about the head-to-head?

"We look at head-to-head. Thirteen people watch the games," said Barta." "We’re watching the games all week long and that’s the subjectivity part of it. It is considered in every case. That doesn’t mean in every case head-to-head is going to put one team over another."