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Late Monday night, this news broke courtesy of Tom VanHaaren at ESPN:

Somebody trying to woo Michigan's recruiting maestro, particularly the SEC, has become a perennial event. And it's deserved, for Partridge's success on the recruiting trail has been well-documented. He has been the best recruiter Michigan has had in the Jim Harbaugh era. 

However, if Partridge is as wily as he appears, he's going to just say no to this one for two reasons. 

The first reason is obvious: Lane Kiffin, who will throw you under the bus to save his own tuchus faster than you can say "Joey Freshwater." There is a college football graveyard filled with the remains of those who chose to put their futures/fates in his hands. 

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The second reason is the division. The SEC West, like the Big Ten East Michigan currently resides, has chewed up and spit out many a veteran defensive coordinator. Under Kiffin, who is exclusively an offensive guy, you're going to essentially be a co-head coach as the defensive coordinator. The spotlight will be on you for sure, and you're expendable. To go from safeties coach to first time D.C. up against Alabama's talent, Joe Brady's mad scientist, and Jimbo Fisher's proven resume every season -- and that's just for starters -- is a herculean task. 

Partridge has earned the acclaim, and a promotion up the coaching ranks at Michigan or somewhere else. But if I were in his ear, this is not the somewhere else he's looking for.