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‘The Game’ Is Canceled, Now College Football Must Make A Decision

With just five games on its resumé, does Ohio State deserve a spot in the College Football Playoff?

With the official cancelation of the December 12 matchup between Michigan and Ohio State, Big Ten leadership and the College Football Playoff committee have a difficult challenge ahead.

For the Big Ten, it’s been rumored that the AD’s are considering a rule change that would allow the Buckeyes to qualify for the conference championship game without meeting the six-game threshold that was decided upon during the preseason. The casualty of this decision would be an Indiana team that is currently sitting at 6-1 and having one of its best seasons under Tom Allen. Considering how the Big Ten mismanaged the 2020 offseason, it puts even more pressure on conference leadership to get this one right and avoid another embarrassment.

As far as the College Football Playoff is concerned, Ohio State is one of three teams ranked within the top four that is currently undefeated, but the Buckeyes have also played far fewer games than their counterparts. Alabama is currently sitting at No.1 with an overall record of 9-0, Notre Dame at No. 2 with an overall record of 10-0, and Ohio State at No. 3 with an overall record of just 5-0. With teams like Clemson (9-1), Cincinnati (8-0), and even Coastal Carolina (10-0) putting together solid resumes, it would be a tough call for the committee to throw a five-win Buckeye team into the playoff when other teams have put together a more extensive body of work.

With Ohio State’s regular season now officially over, all eyes will turn to Big Ten leadership and the College Football Playoff committee as they will ultimately decide the Buckeyes postseason fate.

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