Video: Good Michigan Morning 11/28/19

Steve Deace

A simple question with an obvious answer: if Michigan had played Ohio State's schedule, what would it's record be? 10-1 at absolute worst, that's what.

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No. 1-1

No, Steve, TTUN would not be 10-1. FAU would have outscored TTUN, they are 5-1 away from home, only loss to Buckeyes. Cincy beats TTUN since it would have been played before the Wolverines were destroyed by U of W, who would also beat TTUN since that game would take place before the supposed turn around. The Ohio State University has beat 3 potential conference champs 125-28, while TTUN escaped a non bowl eligible Army by 3 in OT. Heck, whose to say they wouldn't have lost to Indiana since that game would have been before the day TTUN changed course. Please stick to your premise, that being TTUN has the same trajectory, the Buckeyes played 4 good teams early that would have beaten the offensively challenged Wolverines. Take off those rose colored glasses and do some actual analysis.