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Clemson beat Ohio State in the first round of the college football play off on Saturday, which is obviously a bummer for Buckeye fans. If you happen to follow any of them, or any members of the OSU media, however, you'd think Clemson is forcing Ohio State to vacate every win they've ever had and shut down the program.

Here we are four days later and prominent members of the media in Columbus are circulating screenshots, ways to contact officials and other horrible takes on why Ohio State lost to the Tigers. Like EVERY game, there were some questionable calls, but call are never the reason a team loses a game. 

I hate when fanbases, media members or even coaches blame the officials for the final score, but it's a popular way of whining about displeasure surrounding your favorite team. I couldn't stand it when "JT was short" was uttered by anyone who ever wore the Block M and I'm even more annoyed by the folks in Columbus now since they are from Columbus. Anthony Sylvester, Matt Missler and myself discuss that exact topic and also give our predictions for the Citrus Bowl tomorrow.

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What did you think of the "controversial" calls in the Ohio State/Clemson game? Comment below!!!