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Video & Analysis: According To Jordan Glasgow, One Of Him Is Enough

Senior linebacker Jordan Glasgow has been playing a great brand of football in 2019.

Jim Harbaugh said he'd take 100 Jordan Glasgows but Glasgow himself couldn't endorse such a scenario.

Brown's Breakdown

Obviously Harbaugh was being a bit facetious but having 100 guys who play like Glasgow wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. 

He's undersized as a linebacker and is somewhat limited athletically but you'd never know it to hear his teammates talk about him. 

Glasgow is former walk on so a certain narrative follows him wherever he goes. All of the clichés about drive, work ethic and heart are true when it comes to Glasgow but he's also talented and has been very productive. Through eight games, Glasgow is second on the team in tackles with 55 including 4.5 for loss and four sacks. He's also recovered a fumble and broke up a pass on the year.

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He's not as naturally big as his brothers Graham and Ryan, who are both playing in the NFL, but a future in professional football is starting to look like a real possibility for Jordan. Harbaugh may not actually want 100 Glasgows, but you could certainly do a lot worse.

What has impressed you about Glasgow? How good can he be and can he make it to the next level? Comment below!!!