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Video: Ed Warinner Provides Detailed Information On Roles Of Analysts At Michigan

Ed Warinner explains how he's able to work so efficiently.

Michigan offensive line coach Ed Warinner spoke with the media for about 30 minutes Wednesday afternoon and touched on a variety of topics. One of the things he expounded on was the role of analysts at Michigan. For a school like U-M with a massive football budget, an army of analysts makes the jobs of the coaches easier and Warinner gave some great insight as to how all of that works.

Brown's Breakdown

As a football nerd, I found this very interesting. I cover the team for a living and even I didn't really know exactly what the analysts do for each assistant coach. Warinner obviously didn't paint the entire picture but he gave some really specific examples how how his job is made easier by the analysts working directly for him. 

What else would you like to know about Michigan football behind the scenes? Comment below!!!

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