Revisiting Ten Specific Predictions From Michigan vs. Army


Two days before Michigan kicked off against Army, I made some specific predictions about how I thought the game would play out. Let's take a look and see how I did.

Player Predictions

Aidan Hutchinson will lead the team in tackles for loss — HIT

This one is pretty straight forward and it came to fruition. It's really, really hard to tackle Army behind the line of scrimmage but Hutchinson managed to do it 1.5 times. It didn't happen until the second overtime period but it was huge and essentially sealed the game for Michigan.

Ryan Hayes will start at right tackle — MISS

The redshirt freshman did start, but it was at left tackle again. Once senior Jon Runyan Jr. reenters the lineup at left tackle, it'll be really interesting to see if Hayes slides over the right tackle or if redshirt freshman Jalen Mayfield will remain the starter. Both Hayes and Mayfield have done some nice things so we assume there will be a battle for that spot.

Christian Turner will lead the team in rushing — MISS

Yeah, this was my worst prediction. Turner only carried the ball three times for 20 yards, while freshman Zach Charbonnet toted it 33 times for 100 yards and three scores. Once Turner missed a blocking assignment that led to a strip sack of Shea Patterson, it was the Charbonnet show, which isn't a bad thing. Charbonnet has proven that he's the best blocker and can obviously handle the load too. Generally you don't want to see a true freshman carry it more than 30 times in his second career game, but Charbonnet was the workhorse on Saturday.

Mike Sainristil will make a catch — MISS

For the second week in a row, the freshman was held out of the box score. We heard a ton about Sainristil starting back in January but we have not seen it in a game yet. Sainristil was reportedly perfect for Josh Gattis' "Speed in Space" attack but we haven't really seen that offensive approach or Sainristil through two games.

Zach Charbonnet will score a rushing touchdown — HIT

Charbonnet was kept out of the end zone against Middle Tennessee but he scored three times against the Black Knights. He was the bell cow against Army and was named Big Ten Freshman of the Week because of it. The 6-2, 220-pounder is on track to have a massive freshman season.

Team Predictions

Michigan will outrush Army — MISS

Michigan did a great job holding Army to just 200 rushing yards on 61 carries but could only muster 108 rushing yards of their own against a stingy Black Knight defense. Michigan only averaged 3.3 yards per carry but at the end of the day, it was just enough to get a win.

Michigan will never trail — MISS

This was something that needed to happen in order for Michigan to control the game but it was blown up early. Army took a 7-0 lead with 5:01 left in the first quarter and remained in the lead or tied until U-M scored on its first possession in the second overtime period.

Army will throw more than eight passes — MISS

Again, the entire game played out differently than many thought it would so Army never needed to air it out. Because they got up early and remained in the game until the end, they leaned on the run and ate up clock. Army quarterback Kelvin Hopkins Jr. went 2 of 4 for 43 yards and an interception in the game.

Michigan will score an unorthodox touchdown — special teams, defensive, trick play — MISS

I got jobbed on this prediction but not as much as Michigan did. Late in the first quarter, Army's Kell Walker fumbled and senior Josh Metellus scooped up the ball and raced to the end zone for a defensive touchdown. Unfortunately, the referee near the play blew it dead rendering the play nonreviewable. On the very next play, an Army defender sacked Shea Patterson and stripped the ball, which the Black Knights recovered. It was a huge swing in momentum and obviously led to the eventual double overtime outcome.

Numbers wise I only went 1 for 10, but how did I do? Are my predictions ridiculous or was the game ridiculous? Comment below!!!