VIDEO--Michigan Podcast: 2019 college football preview, part 3

Steve Deace

Decide for yourself which predictions are prophetic, and which ones are just plain zany.

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Ben Olmstead
Ben Olmstead

Hey Steve, Go Blue! And congrats on the starting season 3 of "Michigan Podcast"! Also I haven't visited "Wolverine Maven" love all the content you guys have here! Pleasantries out of the way we can get to the Meat! - Concerning the Big Ten, Do you remember a year that has had this many teams with this much performance uncertainty? I see the potential for the west to upset the east in few games this year. Maybe even the west having more wins versus the east. And I agree with you that, Minnesota will preform much better this year. Wouldn't that be great to have Michigan and Minnesota play for the BigTen Championship(hey, throw the Little Brown Jug in the mix)? And why not on the 150th anniversary?