Podcast: Game Of My Life Features Tony Pape & The 2003 Michigan-Ohio State Game


Tony Pape arrived at Michigan in 1999 along with classmates such as BJ Askew, Ron Bellamy, Grant Bowman, Carl Diggs, Charles Drake, Jeremy LeSueur, Andy Mignery, Shantee Orr, John Navarre and others. He started three seasons for the Wolverines, first at left tackle in 2001 and then right tackle in 2002 and 2003. He was an all-conference first-team performer as a senior in 2003 and in this interview will reflect back on his entire career and that great 35-21 victory over Ohio State.

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I went back and watched the 2003 M vs OSU game. Wow! Its been a while since I've seen a total package offensive performance like that from Michigan. Its a true example of what great offensive line play looks like, how critical it is for a teams success, and what where looking for from Michigan going forward. Cmon Guys! Go Blue!!


Love these segments!

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