Michigan State Athletics: No new COVID-19 Cases

McLain Moberg

On Monday, the Michigan State athletic department announced they saw no new positive cases of coronavirus in their latest round of testing.

They conducted tests on 74 student-athletes on July 6, and all tests came back negative. 

Michigan State reported some of the people being tested were newcomers and freshmen student-athletes who were coming back for their second round of COVID-19 testing.

Two negative tests will clear any athlete for voluntary summer activities and workouts.

Anyone being tested for the first time this week will be required to take part in a second test before being cleared.

Per the university, no athletic department staff tested positive on July 6.

On June 15, Michigan State conducted tests on 124 students, where one tested positive and was scheduled to be quarantined for 10-14 days. 

The second round of testing was held on June 22 for 114 additional student-athletes. At the time, the number of people didn't include the one who previously tested positive; however, two new positive tests presented themselves.

Eleven days ago, on June 29, MSU tested 41 other students, and no new cases were found.

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