Good News For Spartan Cassius Winston's NBA Dream!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

Cassius Winston has somehow continued to shine, despite the tragic loss of his brother Zach. The Spartans PG and player of the year got some good news. 

Sports Illustrated came out with their latest NBA mock draft has Winston as the only Spartan in the first round. Sports Illustrated said of Winston, "Winston has dealt with a good deal of adversity this season, with the death of his brother and some early team struggles, but his profile as a future NBA backup remains rock-solid. There are still scouts who can’t get over his body type, and there’s concern about how well he’ll be able to hold up physically, but his feel and passing acumen is unquestionable, and his scalding stretch at the end of last season is still fresh in the minds of many. He’s not an upside pick, and accomplished, older college guards in his mold have tended to land in the early second round, but it’s easy to see Winston offering value in this part of the draft as a qualified part of an NBA bench unit."

I encourage you to see the entire mock draft from Sports Illustrated WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE.

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