Guest Author and New Spartan Nation Contributor Katie Shaheen Looks Back at Midnight Madness

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To sum it up, it was MADNESS! This years midnight madness was truly a “Friday Night Flashback.” From Suzy Merchant’s dance as “Sandra-Dee” to Tom IZZO’s entrance in an 80’s VW micro bus dressed like an 80’s star, the performance was nothing short of spectacular. The crowd went wild as IZZO strolled off the bus with two hot go-go girls at center court (his family).Â

If that wasn’t enough, he brought former MSU basketball star, Greg Kelser, to center court and honored him by dressing his players in his 1979 jersey, when he took the NCAA title along with Magic Johnson. But wait, there’s more! When IZZO mentioned that another great thing about the 80’s was the girls, the team stripped down to their “short-shorts,” bringing back old times when those short shorts were all you saw! I was front and center while the team danced around in those rather short and revealing pieces of thread they called shorts, thinking to myself how relieved I was that times have changed in the past 30 years!Â

It was also great to see head football coach Mark Dantonio there to show his support for the Spartans despite the huge game vs. Ohio State tomorrow. Although Jud Heathcote, MSU head coach in 1979, was not able to make it, he was there in spirit and on the huge mega-tron to introduce IZZO. All in all, it was a sensational night! I watched as the fans enthusiasm blew the place away, and the Spartans come together as one, anxiously awaiting the 2008-2009 basketball season.