COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Tom Izzo Embrace Family Deeper

Hondo S. Carpenter

Tom Izzo is a Hall of Fame Basketball coach. Everyone around the country knows how good he is. There’s no questioning his long-list of accomplishments over the years. He’s led MSU to the National Championship game twice, winning one, reaching eight Final Fours, multiple Big Ten Championships, and six Big Ten Tournament championships.

He’s the coach with the most wins in school history and the longest-tenured coach in the Big Ten.

The city of East Lansing is fortunate to have had him as their head coach for the last 25 years.

But what’s going through his head now? Where is his focus amidst the pandemic? For Izzo, this is a time for reflection and a time for family.

“I’ve pushed the pause button,” said Izzo. “I’m pushing the button that says look back and appreciate what you got. All the things none of us do.”

It’s a time when he chooses to take a look around and stop taking certain things and people for granted like we so often do.

“The one thing my parents have told me, and I try to tell my kids is it doesn’t matter how much fame, money, or anything else you have. Friends, marriage – none of it matters compared to your health. Because without it, nothing matters,” said Izzo. “We all take it for granted, and this has given me a time to reflect a little bit on that.”

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