The Clash at Comerica: Michigan State vs. Central Michigan Was An Amazing Event!

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Detroit, Michigan

Comerica Park


The Michigan State Spartans came to the D tonight, just like the basketball, football and hockey team have all done recently. As A.D. Mark Hollis preaches his fiery brand of Spartan Athletics they have taken every chance to bring their teams here to showcase the Spartans in Michigan’s largest city and to it’s large population.


It was in the mid forties and the paid attendance was 2,169, but that wasn’t the story. This game was about more than just a baseball game. Will get to that.


The Spartans won the game behind a great pitching performance by Andre Waszak. The sophomore flame thrower improved his season record to 3-2 with a 92 pitch, one earned run performance that saw him mow down six Chippewas on strike outs while only walking one. His command on his pitches and ability to place the ball would have made anyone watching think he belonged out here with a Tigers jersey on.


Waszak’s coach Jake Boss was quick to brag on his youngster saying, “He threw well. Strikes were the key.” Waszak said of his success, “It was all based of the fastball.”


The win was big bringing the Spartans program to a 23-10-season record as they head to Illinois for three big games this weekend. As big as it was, the story wasn’t on the field. That was secondary.


This game was the brainchild of innovative CMU A.D. Dave Heeke. He (like Mark Hollis) likes to think outside the box, and that is something even more difficult leading a Mid Major directional school such as CMU. Heeke said of his brainchild, “We have good relations here with the Tigers and we were looking for a way to do a major event.” Congratulations Dave because you did.


CMU and MSU for that matter had no control over the weather. What they could control was an amazing night for fans, and more importantly the coaches and players wide eyed about.


Spartan skipper Jake Boss repeated how thankful he was for the way his team was treated and said, “Just an outstanding night. It was a lot of fun regardless of the outcome.” Senior first baseman Jeff Holm went farther with is awe when he said, “It was surreal. I didn’t realize how big it was.”


Waszak’s performance wouldn’t have suggested how enamored he was with Comerica. Getting a chance to play in a park that youngsters dream of he piggybacked Holm’s thoughts. “Surreal when I waked in here. I am looking at the stands.” His grin told the story.


Boss said it best when he declared this game, “Good for baseball. Especially in the north.” I couldn’t have said it better. The Spartans won, but more importantly baseball did.


I hope that they do it again. I can think of three Carpenter children that will make the trek here next year. It was good for baseball and it would have been good for them. Tonight in a major league park, this game was a reminder of why most of us over 40 loved baseball as a kid.


In an era with major league games going four to five hours and people berating the demise of the boring long games, this was perfect. It was one hour and fifty-three minutes of great baseball, great hustle and a super environment.


MSU had more runs, but Boss nailed it. “Baseball won!”