Answering Your #11 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

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Tom Izzo and Cassius Winston vs. UM at the 2018 BTT (PHOTO:  Kaj Hansen)

Tom Izzo and Cassius Winston vs. UM at the 2018 BTT (PHOTO: Kaj Hansen)

Answering Your #11 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo do you think MSU has a shot with Vernon Carey? Thank you, Kevin Stevens

I do. In fact, I think if the decision was up to the parents he would already have. I do not think MSU is the leader, but they are tightly in it.

Hondo when will MSU and Izzo get their first commit for 2019? Brian Smith

They have. 2019 G Rocket Watts.

Hondo in your opinion who is the best all-around player on the Spartans next season? Casey Lint

No question it is Cassius Winston. Underrated and getting better. He is a star and a pure PG.

Hondo years ago you said when asked about DJ Stephens being the next MSU coach that he would not be. This week another media entitly talked about Izzo's potential successors and kept him off the list as well. Then Draymond Green called it out on Twitter and supported Stephens for that job. Do you still think he will not get it? Kirk Smith

I did write that. At the time it was true. Now that Mark Hollis is no longer the AD at Michigan State, I believe that Stephens is the front-runner and will get the job. My comments were not against Stephens, but I knew that he was NOT getting the job as long as Hollis was the AD.

Hondo a few months ago you said there was a very good chance that Xavier Tillman and Nick Ward could play at the same time as PF and C and either or at either spot. I noticed others are saying it now. What is the biggest key for either to make the next level of the NBA? Curtis Maker

Making a jump shot from out of the paint up to 15 feet. Simple.

Hondo where do you think that MSU stand with Keion Brooks? N. Graham

They have been in the longest, but they are in a battle with Kentucky and Indiana. I think it is tied with UK and IU is third as of right now. MSU is in it, but not leading. IU is making a surge.

Hondo do you have an Isaiah Stewart update? Pat Muncey

I said before I thought it was Duke in the lead with MSU second. UK and Villanova are making a move, but I think MSU remains a solid second. Blurry on who is number one. That changes.

Hondo I loved your interview with Izzo. What is the chance we see some Xavier Tillman and Nick Ward on the court at the same time? Kelly I.

Not predicting that as an all-time starting front, but 100% certain you will see it.

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