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Izzo Watch 2010 Saturday Update!


FGU @ MSU BB092 102


No Press Conference and No Announcement Today. Take A Deep Breath


In what has sadly turned into a fiasco, the Izzo Watch 2010 has once again no new important information. I did hear Izzo had a salad for lunch, ranch and not French dressing that could be a sign. (I hope you can read my sarcasm)


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I am sure that pertinent information will be forthcoming like the players were seen on campus and that some of them listened to rock and roll recently. Since Cleveland has the Rock and Roll museum could that be a sign? Maybe they listened to mock Cleveland?


Please take a deep breath and enjoy your Saturday. There is nothing to see, please move along. I understand how and why this is so important to all of us, but the circus is ridiculous.


Until then, we stand by our belief that Izzo will be the head coach of the Spartans when the season starts. 


We won't be posting useless information to make you feel any better or worse. If something real and tangible happens we'll have it. If something useless happens we won't post it. Something like Izzo has already had a meeting and told his players goodbye. There is a 4PM press conference or Izzo will make a decision and hold a press conference today.