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News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 01/11/10 Edition

Tom Izzo talked about his Spartans today.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Tom Izzo talked about his Spartans today. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 01/11/10 Edition


  • Izzo thinks this next week is, “As big as we have had in a while.”
  • He also is pleased where the Spartans are at, “Statistically,” but has issues with, “All the good stats, you still need intangibles and our intangibles are not where they need to be.”
  • Izzo isn’t afraid to criticize his team, so when he said, “We are as good as we have been in a long time,” I took notice.
  • With all of the hoopla over the Spartans 3-0 start to the Big Ten season Izzo put it in perspective, “Winning two or three games in a row means nothing if you play Purdue twice at the end.”
  • With the crazy hours he works, Izzo has to be creative to make sure his kids get good family time. He told us today that late last night he and his daughter Raquel went to see the Blind side and he said it reminded him about his big freshman Derrick Nix. He said that he has to get to learn Nix and how he expresses his passion.
  • On a funny side note, he joked about Nix texting him during the movie wanting to know why he doesn’t get on him harder. 
  • In fact Izzo commented fondly about Nix and his texts, “I get texts from him I may save the rest of my life.”
  • Make sure you check the main page of Spartan Nation Tuesday late morning for an article on Nix and Izzo.
  • Draymond Green and Raymar Morgan (Captains) both came to Izzo last week and talked with Izzo about Tom Herzog’s work ethic. They implored their coach to get him some minutes and Izzo did just that against Iowa.
  • Korie Lucious missed the summer entirely and is catching up fast. Izzo in fact thinks Korie will make even more, “Big strides the next couple of weeks.”
  • Izzo and those around Spartan basketball are getting frustrated with what appears to be an infatuation with Dion Sims playing basketball. Izzo stopped the multiple questions to remind people that he hasn’t even seen him play yet and people need to relax.
  • Derrick Nix is going to continue to start for the time being.
  • Nix and Sherman both came in as freshman this year and today Izzo called them the, “Odd couple.”
  • Izzo likes the way they, “Help each other out…They are roommates and have similar personalities.”
  • Izzo thinks Sherman’s shot is, “90% better with 80% to go.” Figure that one out.
  • Chris Allen at times has not been shall we say the best defender. You can’t play for Izzo and not play D. He joked about Allen’s improvement today, “He was so close to a guy guarding him he got a foul. Normally I would be furious, but I was ecstatic.”
  • Izzo says that they are, “Always trying to make Raymar more comfortable with himself.”
  • Izzo had three thoughts on Draymond: 1) He doesn’t shut up 2) Starting to grow up 3) Still needs more gym time.
  • On Wednesday mid morning I will have an article about Draymond for you with several interesting anecdotes you won’t want to miss.

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