News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 03/03/10 Edition

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This Spartan team is poised for another Big Ten title.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

This Spartan team is poised for another Big Ten title. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.


MSU is one of four Big Ten teams to earn a first round bye at the Big Ten tournament.


Although he has never said publicly that he doesn’t take the BTT as serious as others, it is my opinion that is what Izzo feels about the event. I can tell you that last year it seemed to be significantly more critical and I get the same feeling this season.


Eight Big Ten teams have had at least one 30+point scorer this season. MSU is not one of them. Anyone surprised?


MSU is 3rd in the nation in rebounding margin this season at 9.1. 


MSU is 6th in the nation in assists per game at 17.1.


I mentioned this on Monday, but Raymar only needs 16 points to become just the fifth player in Spartan Nation history with 700 boards and 1,500 points.


I think the reason so many look back at Raymar’s career at this point and are disappointed is because he started immediately and had such high hopes. It isn’t like he had a career similar to Marquise Gray, but still he and everyone else wanted and expected more.


Day-Day has six double-doubles to lead the team this season.


I still can’t get over the fact that MSU had 46 rebounds against Purdue and they had 20. Even more amazing is that they had more rebounds than Purdue had points. AMAZING.


Coach Izzo has a March record of 61-28 in his career. Need we say more?


MSU is 15-3 on the road over the last two seasons. That fact is even more amazing than the more rebounds/points against Purdue.


The Spartans are averaging 11.9 turnovers during the last five games including the disaster at Purdue.


Raymar is averaging 12.5 points and rebounds over the last two games. If he keeps up those numbers the Spartans can win and will win the Big Ten tournament. Now the question is if.


Interesting facts about Big Ten basketball that may only amuse me?


*Devyn Marble (Southfield, MI/Lathrup) is the only other State of Michigan player committed to a Big Ten school not named Michigan State. UM has no state of Michigan commitment in the 2010 class.


*Evan Turner is in the top two of assists, rebounds and scoring in the Big Ten. Should he finish the regular season in the top to in those categories he will be the first ever. Turner is a great player and a super kid.


*Here is some friendly advice if you are going or thinking about going to the Big Ten tournament. Buy tickets to MSU’s first game at the window, but after that get them cheap after a team loss from their fans. Most people buy books of tickets for the event. Get them cheap when people leave after their team losses.