Nothing Easy as Struggling Spartans Get the Win at Northwestern

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Tom Izzo continues to scratch his head looking for answers.

Tom Izzo continues to scratch his head looking for answers.


Chicago, Illinois


Once again the Spartans struggled in a basketball game and this time they got the win 65-62 on the road tonight at Northwestern. Draymond Green led the Spartans with 15 points. It was an impressive offensive rebound on a Spartan free throw with 12 clicks on the clock and a put back that gave the Spartans the tree point lead courtesy of Green.


The Spartans were in command with less than four minutes to go and let the Wildcats back in the game. More signs that the struggling Spartans 10-4 (2-0) have yet to find the answers their future Hall of Fame coach is desperately looking for. 


After the game Izzo continued to try to deflect the heat from his team blaming himself yet again. He said, "We just got a little out of whack and I think I'm the one that needs to be blamed for that," and lamented the season by saying, “nothing is going to be easy."


The Wildcats John Shurna who stands atop the Big Ten scorers struggled with an injured ankle. He shot 9% from the field on a hobbled ankle, but still scored 11 points thanks to the free throw line. His wildcats shot 44% from the three-point line while hit 33% from long range.


Garrick Sherman who was one of the bright spots early in the year starting at the five, once again came off the bench.


Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summer each poured in 12 additional points. The Spartans shot 20% from the free throw line going one for five. The Wildcats shot 67% on 16 of 24 shooting.  


Draymond Green dominated on the boards with 11 while Delvon Roe who still suffers from a knee injury had 10. Another stat that surely has to have Izzo struggling for answers with his team is Green had the most assists among his starters with four and only Korie Lucious had more with five coming of the bench.


The Spartans next head to Happy Valley for Saturday Big Ten tilt.