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Delvon Roe is one of the toughest young men to play any sport ever at MSU.  Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

Delvon Roe is one of the toughest young men to play any sport ever at MSU. Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

Hondo, with Delvon Roe’s recent setback with a severely sprained ankle, could that sidetrack his season? Mitchell

Mitchell, Delvon’s knees will be the major impact on his season, not a sprain. If it turns out to be more, that of course could then be a big deal.


Hondo, here is an angle on a question that I really want your opinion since it can’t be a factual answer yet. Izzo said this week that he thinks his team has a chance to be real good. Do you agree? Bill

Bill, I certainly do. There is a lot of talent on this team and Wood was a major addition. This team has the talent, but so did last year. I expect a big bounce back this season.


Hondo, do you have an update on how Russell Byrd is doing? I really see him as the key to a good or great season. Dominick

Russ’s dad (Kelly) was on my radio show this past week and said that his son is doing great. A healthy Byrd can take this team from good to great for sure. He is one of the best shooters I have ever seen.


Dear Hondo, What do you think Draymond Green’s status looks like for the NBA draft next year? Larry

Larry, that is a great question. If you look at the guys who are his size in the NBA and what they look like physically and their game, all you have to do is compare them to Day-Day. I do not have anywhere near the connections to the NBA as I do the NFL, but one of my good friends who works for a NBA team told me that exact answer when I asked him. No doubt Day-Day is a great player in college basketball. Will Day-Day look at the players who share his size who have made the NBA and follow them and their game? That is up to him, but I am rooting for him.


Hondo my man, give me some good news. Does Kalin have a shot at being drafted? Greg

Sure he does. Jud was famous for saying it only takes one team to love you. Kalin had a very good career in college, is a proven winner, and can play in the league. I know that it sure seems his stock is falling, but I do expect him to get drafted. If he doesn’t, that can be a blessing. I have heard it said that it is better to go undrafted, then drafted in the second round. If you aren’t picked then you get to pick a situation where you feel like you fit well.


Hondo, I love Izzo. I just don’t understand with his record why we can’t recruit and develop quality big men. At what point will they stop coming here? I know that his system isn’t geared toward a traditional big, but we sure could use one. George

I would disagree with your ascertain that he can’t recruit big men. He has gotten several that many places wanted. I would agree that the program seems to struggle with developing some of them in traditional ways. I have said this before, but Payne, Nix, and Gauna and how they mature will tell us a lot.Â


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