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2011 Rewind Look at Mark Dantonio’s Second Recruiting Class: 2008.


Coach Dantonio continues to assemble depth at MSU.  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Coach Dantonio continues to assemble depth at MSU. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.


2011 Rewind Look at Mark Dantonio’s Second Recruiting Class: 2008.


  1. Jerel Worthy DT Original Class Rating: 3 Worthy has lived up to the expectations. He is a very good DT and with maturity can be great. He has two years of eligibility left, so I fully expect to see more of that. He can dominate and has real NFL potential.
  2. Keshawn Martin CB/WR/KR Original Class Rating: 8 Martin was one of the few skill position players that has all the tools. He has to get better at catching the ball, but once he gets it in his hands look out. He has NFL potential as a returner and if he can learn to catch, his stock will soar.
  3. Chris McDonald OG Original Class Rating: 13 Magnus had a great first season as a starter in 2010. He has two more years ahead of him as the starter and with that will come maturity. Not yet ready to call an NFL prospect, if he matures in 2011 as he did in 2010 there is no doubt he will have that label when 2011 is over. He has all the tools and the drive, so I fully expect him to play in the NFL one day. It is simply a matter of growing and learning and he wants it.
  4. Trenton Robinson S Original Class Rating: 15  Robinson has been a very good surprise. He plays great at times and shows flashes of being very special. 2011 will be his senior campaign and a special year could yield some special rewards for the young man. He is intense.
  5. Johnny Adams DB Original Class Rating: 5 Adams biggest weakness is his size. He simply struggles because of it. Against Alabama he was manhandled and against today’s bigger receivers his height (or lack thereof) is his weakness. A playmaker no doubt, but I expect him to get pushed for that starting spot in 2011 simply because of his size.
  6. Tyler Hoover DE Original Class Rating: 2 Hoover played in all 12 regular season games last year and started nine. He has two years ahead of him and he has the potential to be dominant. He had to adjust his pad level and learn to play as a big man.
  7. Steve Gardiner LB Original Class Rating: 4 Gardiner was snake-bitten with early injuries. Last season he was a great contributor on special teams. Coming into the season you would think he was a shoe-in, but the Spartans defense has to get faster. He is better right now than Denicos Allen, but Allen is faster and younger so he has an edge. A starting job is there for Gardiner, but he has to win it.
  8. Ethan Ruhland OL Original Class Rating: 11 Ruhland is a blue collar, lunch pail hardworking kid. He is Mr. Reliable on the OL as a backup for all of the spots.
  9. Drew Stevens ATH Original Class Rating: 17 Stevens had contributed and played in multiple spots. Here was what we said on signing day…“I don’t think anyone can say what Stevens is. He is a very good athlete with a load of potential ahead of him. He is such a good athlete that he could play any number of positions. I think that the Spartan staff just knew that he was a young man with the ability to play, and unlike a lot of kids they can now see where he fits a need the most.”
  10. John Deyo OL Original Class Rating: 20 Deyo is a great student and a big man. There are openings on the OL and coming into his junior year this is his chance to win one. Don’t count him out.
  11. Zach Heuter OL Original Class Rating:Â 19 You could cut and paste what I said for Deyo for Zach in that entering his junior year with so many openings on the OL, this is his time to win a job.
  12. Fred Smith FB Original Class Rating:Â 1 Smith has failed to live up to expectations and has moved to FB.


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