Looking at Last Night's Recruits at the Breslin

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The world of recruiting can be a tricky place. Far too often recruits will tell people what they want to hear or lead people along just so they can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame during the process. I’ve experienced this myself. I interviewed two of the better high school football players in the state and both of them told me how much they really like MSU and the coaching staff and how high MSU is on their list and blah blah blah. What happened? One committed to Michigan and the other to Nebraska, then he de-committed and chose Notre Dame. So I take recruits words with a grain of salt until I see their name on the dotted line. And then there’s Mark Ingram Jr. and Nick Perry.

Last night at the Breslin Mark Dantonio and his staff hosted a handful of recruits and their families. Two of those recruits were Nick Perry and Mark Ingram Jr. Although I didn’t get the chance to interview them, I spent time observing them both to see if they were enjoying themselves. The Izzone at one point actually started chanting Ingram’s name and you could tell he loved that. Nick was really into the game though; especially Marquise Gray’s monster jams. Just watching the two mingle with their hosts and laugh at the creativity of the Izzone made me wonder what the 2008 Spartans would look like with them on the field. The interesting thing though is how Nick was nodding his head during the game like he was saying to himself “Yeah, I could see myself going here,” and his demeanor was the same. He just looked genuinely interested in MSU, and when I asked to interview him after the game he had a smile like he was ready and willing but his party had to move on to another area so he had to go too. But you could see how much fun he was having and how interested he was.

As much as I want to, I’m not going to go out on a limb and say Nick Perry and Mark Ingram, Jr. are coming to Michigan State. I’ve done that before with recruits and it didn’t bode well for me OR MSU. But I must say at this point it sure looks good. And if MSU can compete with the likes of USC and Florida for recruits then progress is already being made. Here’s hoping both players end up in the green and white, boosting an already decent recruiting class for Mark Dantonio and his staff.