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Axel Hoyer (Father of Brian) With Some Good Words for the Spartan Nation...

Many of you know Axel Hoyer from his writing in Spartan Nation Magazine, as well as of course being Brian's father. He is one of the founders of the Spartan Parents group and on Sunday morning he sent them this letter. With Axel's permission I am posting it here and I think he says a lot of things the entire Spartan Nation should consider. Here is the letter:

To The Spartan Parents!

 I know a tough game in Madison and while everyone reviews the game........some thoughts this morning that you may wish to pass along looking at the landscape of College Football.
# 1 Florida won - but their QB Tim Tebow sustains a concussion - may not be ready next week
# 4 Mississippi - lost to South Carolina on Thursday
# 5 PENN STATE - BEAT BY IOWA - at HOME by Iowa who barely survived against Northern Iowa a few weeks ago (and started slow last season)
# 9 Miami ( the latest media darling) LOST to Virginia Tech
# 18Â Florida gets beat by Southern Florida
# 21 Georgia wins on a last minute Field Goal over Arizona State
# 22 North Carolina is beat
Michigan barely beats Indiana by 3 - and the game ends on a controversial call
In future weeks - Penn State plays Ohio State and Michigan,
                        Wisconsin will play Ohio State
                        Iowa will play Wisconsin and Ohio State

MSU will get to play IOWA, PENN STATEÂ and MICHIGAN at HOME
It is the BIg Ten and hold on - because much can happen!
I know many SFPAers are hurting today - yet it is MICHIGAN week - AT HOME and a chance ...that's all one wishes to have is a CHANCE and we have it.

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In the past years we have endured many challenges and have been able to accomplish much in 2007 and 2008.  

More accomplishments will come - and take one game at a time. I know that I bleed Green and White and know the feelings of disappointment. But I also know that the Spartans will work hard, deal with the adversity and meet the challenge every week in the Big Ten provides.  So 24 hour rule and it's Michigan Week - no better way then to start the WINNING STREAK!

Axel Hoyer