Breaking News: AD Mark Hollis Hoping to Start Construction of Much Needed Spartan Stadium Facility Upgrades, "As Soon as the Season is Over."

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It won’t happen today, but Mark Hollis is ready to start construction on the much needed Spartan Stadium upgrades on the north side of
the stadium. Those upgrades will include new locker rooms, a recruiting lounge, a media center and more. The multi-story facility will also include an
officials’ locker room and many more things.

Earlier this week in a Spartan Nation Radio EXCLUSIVE, we spoke to Deputy AD Greg Ianni and AD Mark Hollis and both were fired up to talk
about this soon coming project. Ianni said about the addition, “North endzone addition is a priority. We’re going to get started on that building
fairly soon.”

Ianni is the one in charge of building all of the projects Hollis dreams up. The new video boards foreshadowed this new project. The reason
the Spartans don’t have a matching monster video board on the north end of the stadium as they will when construction finishes in late July/early August on
the south is because of the monster foundations and footings required for that board. It would have interfered with the coming new addition on that end. Ianni
accented how critical the new construction project on the stadium’s north end is to Hollis by telling us that his boss has it as a “Top priority.”

Whereas Ianni was coy about when the project would start, Hollis dropped a nugget of previously unreported and breaking news about the
start of the project by saying, “My goal is as soon as the season is over. I would like to get a shovel in the ground as soon as the season’s over.”

Fundraising is well underway with donors stepping up already. Now that Dantonio has changed and restored Spartan Football people are ready to open the checkbook for the new project as they have been with any football initiative since he arrived.

I asked Hollis how the fundraising is coming and he said, “(It is) Coming extremely well. Close to the point I feel comfortable going to the board and saying let’s roll.”

So with video boards that will have according to Ianni, “The 4th most LED of any college in the nation… and a ten foot video ring at the north end of the stadium, NO ONE has done anything like that before,” Hollis is already thinking ahead to the next project.

That isn’t a shock. Those of us in the Spartan Nation already know how Hollis thinks…like a master chess player: ten moves ahead.  The nation notices also as he recently won AD of the year.