BREAKING NEWS: Mark Dantonio Hands Out Multiple (8) Suspensions (In Addition to Two Others Previously Dismissed from the Team) for the Off Field Incident after the Spartan Football Banquet

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As many fans clamored for Spartan football to respond to the off field incident that has plagued them since it happened, Mark Dantonio rightfully took his time to be thorough and gather all of the information.



Tonight he has. Moments ago, Mark Dantonio acted and here is the statement just released from University relations:

Rather Hall investigation update


Investigation by the Michigan State University Police Department into the Nov. 22 assaults at Rather Hall, an on-campus residence hall, has identified 10 suspects with efforts continuing to identify five additional suspects who were present at the incident. The 10 suspects were identified following interviews with victims, witnesses and a review of on-site video. The evidence regarding the actions of all suspects is still being collected.


The investigation, slowed by the Thanksgiving break, is expected to continue this week.


Fairness to all involved requires a thorough investigation. The MSU Police Department has been working with the Ingham County Prosecutor on the scope and the completeness of the investigation and will forward findings to the Ingham County Prosecutor early next week. The Ingham County Prosecutor will evaluate the evidence and make the determination about any warrants to be issued.


Pending completion of the police investigation, eight members of the MSU football team identified Monday as being present at the Rather Hall incident were immediately suspended from all daily team-related activities by Coach Mark Dantonio. B.J. Cunningham, Mark Dell, Ashton Leggett, Chris L. Rucker, Fred Smith, Brynden Trawick, Ishmyl Johnson and Jamiihr Williams have been suspended for violation of team rules, Dantonio said.


Two other members of the MSU football team, who were identified Monday, Glenn Winston and Roderick Jenrette, were dismissed from the program last week.


MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis emphasized he and Dantonio share high expectations and standards for conduct and behavior of student-athletes.