Dantonio Lands #12 For 19 IL WR Alante Brown

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19 IL WR Alante Brown (PHOTO:  Brown)

19 IL WR Alante Brown (PHOTO: Brown)

Dantonio Lands #12 For 2018 WR Alante Brown

It is often said that when all things are equal, the heart is what makes the difference. That is true when all things are equal. For 19 IL WR Alante Brown, all things aren��t equal.

Born in East Lansing, MI and raised in Chicago, IL the speedster plays the game of football at another level. He can cut like Gale Sayers and sees the field like Wes Welker. You could put on any film of the young man with no idea of who he was and ask a random stranger to tell you who the most gifted player on the field was and they would pick him out in moments.


As with most great athletes, he played QB in high school, but at camp earlier this month he showed rare low 4.4 speed right in front of Coach Mark Dantonio and WR Coach Terrence Samuel. While both men shared a moment of conversation at what they had just seen, the “QB” showed a coachable spirit and it quickly turned to an offer.

Making the transition from QB to WR and potential special teams return man will not be easy, but Brown’s coachable spirit won the Spartans over quicker than his 4.4 speed. He fit the Spartan mold.

Just a few days after the offer, Brown made his decision to attend his "dream school" public. Last night via his Twitter account. He said, “This has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid,” and he added, “I am 110% committed to Michigan State University.”


There is going to be significantly more recruiting commitments coming in the next 24 hours so keep it tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest.

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