Darth Vader vs. the Beauty: At What Point is the MSU/U of M Rivalry Taken too far?

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Why Can't We All Just Get Along;Â At What Point is the MSU/U of M Rivalry Taken too far?

By Katie Rose Shaheen Â

What does it take for a male Michigan fan (dressed as Darth Vader) to physically threaten a female Spartan (me)?Â

Answer: the victory of MSU's football team against U of M on Saturday. As I cheered from the stands for my fellow

Spartans, I was surprised to see how personal some Wolverine fans took my excitement.


Going into the Big House dressed in green and white, I expected to get picked on and teased for my support for the

Spartans. But hey, it's all in fun; it's just a game right? Wrong! As I stood with my U of M friends, cheering alone for

the Spartans, who other than “Darth Vader,” turns around to physically threaten little ol' me! To bring light to the

situation, I told him it was only fair that if he hit me, I was allowed to hit him back! Vader was not amused. His

girlfriend later pulled the GPA card. Yup! Not only was I physically threatened, I was put down for the school I

attended! But that's OK, unfortunately for them, nothing could bring me down from that victory! I will always have

complete respect for the Michigan Wolverines, and although things can be taken too seriously at times, nothing will

change my outlook, because in the end.. we are all on the same team, it's called LIFE!Â


On a different note, it was great to see so many Spartans come out to Ann Arbor on Saturday. As I looked around

during the game, there was green and white everywhere! At the end of the game, MSU fans filled the Big House with

the famous “GO GREEN, GO WHITE chant.” It was with out a doubt one of the best times I have ever had at a college

football game!


Despite the minor incident between Darth Vader and myself, I will never forget this great experience. It is one for

the books for me!